Hilift jekk,50/1280mm, 1000kg, Sort

Hilift jekk,50/1280mm, 1000kg, Sort


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    TJM's recovery jack is a versatile piece of equipment that provides lifting assistance to aid vehicle recovery. This jack fits directly into our unique bull bar T-slot recovery point which has been extensively tested and can be found on many of our steel bull bars. With a lift capacity of 1000kg and lift height of 1120mm, our recovery jack is a valuable addition to your recovery arsenal and comes complete with a bag and jack keeper. In emergency situations it can also be used to remove the vehicle from an impending obstacle by attaching a cable at each end and using it like a hand winch.
    • Material: High quality cast column jacking mechanism. Includes carry bag and rubber handle keeper.
    • Size: 1000kg WLL Working load limit. Max raised height 1120mm, Min lowered height 150mm.