Do you not feel comfortable and safe under all circumstances in your pick-up truck, 4x4, van, minibus or motorhome? Perhaps you should consider a full air suspension kit from MAD.

    Our full air suspension kit replaces the vehicle’s original suspension system. The kit includes the air bellows, a height sensor, compressor and all the necessary mounting accessories. After the kit has been installed and the desired ride height set via the height sensor, the system controls itself. Fully automatically.

    It maintains your car at the right ride height under all circumstances. Regardless of the weight of the load, or the number of passengers. Because MAD uses non-contact height measurement based on magnets, the automatic height control system is completely interference-free.


    Shock absorbers by Australian company Old Man Emu.

    No doubt, that the shock absorber is the one of most important parts which is responsible for the comfortable ride on your car. Original equipped shock absorbers usually have a limited service life and they good for use on at flat roads. They are not really built for off-road use. The OME shocks is the best choice to replace the original shock absorbers in your SUV, 4X4, pickup or CUV when they are worn out. When installing dampers by Old Man Emu you do not need to alter the fixing points of the suspension, because OME shock absorbers are installed in regular places, and you can install them with OE springs. With this you will get a completely different car with much better driving characteristics, fast installation as well because the replacement of shocks on OME shocks absorbers it is a very easy process. And the most important details they have a guarantee from the manufacturer for 3 years or 60.000 km.

    You can buy the OME shocks in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim there is no difficulty, no need to drive to the shops or services center to look, it is just to select your vehicle in our web store and look it up with our car filter and place your order online. You will get exactly what you need without any fuss. We save you time and provide the comfort when driving with OME shock.

    Our company supports the warranty from the manufacturer.

    You will always find OME shock absorbers for popular cars such as:
    Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max, Toyota Prado Landcruiser 120, 150, Land Cruiser 200, FJ, Toyota LC80, LC76, Nissan Patrol Y60, Y61, Navara, Mitsubishi L200, Pajero, VW Amarok and many others.
    Our consultants will be happy to answer all your questions.

  • Lift kits
  • MAD Loweringsprings
    For de som ønsker et sporty utseende, men ikke ønsker at det skal gå utover komforten, har MAD SUSPENSION laget en helt ny generasjon Sport fjærer. Med ett og samme sett kan du senke bilen, beholde komforten og bedre utseende!
    Vi kan tilby denne løsningen – uten at man behøver å skifte bilens originale støtdempere. Sporty egenskaper uten høye kostnader!
    • Pålitelighet - MAD produkter har livstidsgaranti mot fabrikasjonsfeil.
    • Sporty utsende uten å miste komforten.
    • Bedre kjøreegenskaper uten å bytte de originale støtdemperne.
    • Sporty, men fortsatt trafikksikker!
    • Produsert i samsvar med ISO og TÜV standarder.
    • Spesielt utviklet for hver biltype.
  • MAD Auxsillery springs

    Auxiliary springs are fitted in or next to the existing main spring.
    They only come into action when the load reaches a certain load level.
    In other words, when the main spring is no longer capable of handling the increased load.
    The auxiliary spring provides the required extra capacity when this happens..

    A spring that works in this way is referred to as a progressive spring. Auxiliary springs are easy to fit in most cases.

    Coil springs can be easily fitted or replaced by a garage in nearly all cases. MAD's coil springs are high-quality components and approved by TÜV and RDW. This means that they meet the highest international automotive standards. So MAD offers a lifetime warranty on the auxiliary springs.

    Use our spring selector to find the coil springs for your vehicle.

  • MAD Powersprings


    Kraftigere fjærer, eller Heavy-Duty fjærer som de ofte omtales som, er den beste løsningen når du ofte kjører med tungt lass. Spesielt egnet for kjøretøy med innredning, eller som ofte kjøres på dårlige veier eller i ulendt terreng. Bilen forblir kontrollerbar og de kraftigere fjærene gjør at bilen er behagelig og trygg å kjøre selv under disse forholdene. Dette er kraftigere fjærer som erstatter de originale bakfjærene.

    Om du ønsker å heve bilen, velg blant våre hevesett.

    Sjekk vårt program av hevesett for å se hva vi kan tilby til din bil.