AEROKLAS top, Isuzu D-Max Extra-Cab RT-56 '05/12-'16 Vis større
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AEROKLAS top, Isuzu D-Max Extra-Cab RT-56 '05/12-'16

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 er en av verdens største produsenter av topper for pick-up'er produsert i 2-lags ABS-plast og planinnlegg (bedliners), og leverer også originalt til en rekke bilprodusenter. Etterhvert har de utvidet sitt program med en rekke typer planlokk og oppbevaringsbokser for planet.
Toppene kan leveres med og uten sentrallås.

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33 625,00 kr (inkl. MVA)

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AEROKLAS STYLISH CANOPY Unique Features and Benefits

Engineered ABS Double Shell Aeroklas is the first brand in the world who reinforces ABS double shells for double strength. The double shell has been bonded using our proprietary bonding technology. ABS is a kind of thermoplastic that result from 3 kinds of Polymer of monomer’s reaction: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

Qualification of ABS

In general, plastic is hard but fragile. Conversely, ABS has a good balance of properties. ABS offers durability, strength, rigidity and toughness.
Moreover, it has high impact resistance, heat resistance and chemical resistance. ABS has a wide range of applications and is widely used in many industries such as Aircraft, Automotive and Electronics.

Easy to Maintenance Interior

ABS Double Shell
  • Interior fit & finish: moulded / grained finish
  • Best in Class clean ability
  • No odour (from resins, glues or rubber)

Easy Installation, No Drill !!!

  • No drill: Aeroklas canopy use C-Clamp for installation
  • No silicone: Easy and faster installation, no damage for vehicle color, and no water leakage due to silicone usage age

ABS Advantage

•Strength, Rigidity and Toughness
•Good Impact resistance
•Stability under load is excellent with limited loads
•High heat resistance
•Highest impact resistance and strength
•Resistant to wide range of chemicals

Steel Structure Reinforcement

Installation ready for air conditioning systems

Lightest Weight

ABS Double Shell Fiberglass Steel
Weight (kg.) 78 kg. 86 kg. 90 kg.

Remark : Data from Toyota Hilux Vigo SP/C

Lightest weight compare with other materials
Less fuel consumption

Performance Tests

Aeroklas ABS Canopies have been throughly tested:

  • 100% water resistant
  • 250 kg. drop & pendulum impact-shells remain in tact
  • Structure provided for roof racks
  • Rust resistant for the product lifetime
  • Road tested after installation on pick-up trucks