CARRYBOY SLX Lid, Isuzu D-Max, Double-Cab '12- (523) Vis større
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CARRYBOY SLX Lid, Isuzu D-Max, Double-Cab '12- (523)

Dele nummer: CBCIRD-SLX-523

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Sports Hard Tonneau Cover

A CARRYBOY Fiberglass Tonneau provides security for your cargo, sleek, contemporary styling, tight, protection for your pickup bed covers. This is ready for you to proof what’s beyond the smart sport features design. With an aerodynamics accuracy which helps decreasing aerodynamic drag coefficient (Cd) up to 14% This makes Carryboy’s Sport Lid so successful in fuel save, because it can be save up to 15%


Pick-Up Hard Covers

Protect your load from the elements and hide it from view of people with Hard Tonneau covers. Our Hard Covers are easy to secure over the back of your and are made from ultra durable materials.


The development in all details makes the hard covers to be more efficiency in aerodynamics. Air stream pass through truck and tonneau cover very splendid. The test from Bira International Circuit (Pattaya) proofs that it can save up to 15%.

Designed as Aerodynamics method to decrease friction forces. Tonneau cover is design to be a streamline figure which helps decreasing coefficient of friction up to 14% After more over 1,000 hours of test session of design appearance that helps about rain flowing to the side tonneau cover so perfectly in the wind tunnel by the Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. We are devoted in all details to increase streamline and potential in driving

Hard Tonneau Cover To Fit Your Lifestyle!

Unique all-in-one tonneau and roll bar. Made from tough durable ABS plastic material. Highly polished stainless steel roll bar. Colour Coded superb OEM smooth surface finish. Lightweight and impact resistant. Single point push button locking system.


Advanced with open-close tonneau cover control technology with electrical choke up system (tonneau cover can be lift up toward the cab of the truck) Freedom of controlling; just press the switch and it will respond to all you wanted it to be. Want to be modern, want to be advance than SLX Sport is what you need.


  • Constructed from the
    highest-quality fiberglass materials
  • Non-corrosion. Durable to the temperature
    of -30 to +120 degree, depends on the
    truck usage.
  • Strong structure with water leakage and fracture protection.
  • Light weight; lighter than steel 4 times, so it will be easy
    to lift up, assemble, and install. Cost saving.
  • Non-decay. Durable with all situations and surroundings.
  • Smooth surface makes low friction
  • Electric insulator. No heat conduction.
  • Easy to care and repair.
  • Colorful. UV durability.


High lid height when opened for easy loading

Smart in style with colorful design of SLX hard covers. Lined patterns from front to rear. Gives awesome look in every angle. Burst out the full happiness. Designed specifically to fit your vehicle and for sale on-demand

SLX fitting product to your vehicle

  • Professionally styled and engineered infused composite FRP structure
  • Weatherproof with a smooth cushioned closing mechanism
  • New, improved design with proven composite technology
  • Complete fitting kit and instructions supplied for easy installation
  • Lightweight, yet strong and stiff


Highly polished stainless steel rollbar

Made from Stainless steel tube of 3 inches (diameter) Bending and molding to be shiny and elegance. Durability. Non-corrosion. Cover top and bottom with rubber.

Shock Absorber

The hard Tonneau Cover features stainless steel hinges and gas struts for easy opening and closing.

Rear tonneau cover lock

Rotary lock system 2-step rear locking ; made by stainless steel (non-corrosion)