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Kinetic Recovery Rope is used for dynamic vehicle recovery, where vehicles are stuck in mud, sand or snow. It's the
safest and easiest product for getting vehicles unstuck. The Recovery Rope works like a rubber band. One end is
attached to the stuck vehicle and the other end to the pulling vehicle. As the pulling vehicle drives forward, it takes up
the rope's slack creating momentum and pulling force. Once the rope is tight, it begins to stretch – when it reaches
maximum stretch, the stuck vehicle will begin to move, using all of the energy built up from stretching the rope like an
elastic band.
The core part of Kinetic Recovery Rope is made of Nylon fiber and the cover is with HT polyester fiber and can be
custom-made with different Length(3,6,9m.etc) & Diameters.
  • High elongation up to 30%
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance & UV resistance
  • Smooth surface, easy handling
  • 45% lighter and stronger & than wire rope
  • Allows for an even pull during recoveries
  • No difference in tensile strength when wet or dry
  • It does not curl, kink, or have burrs that can lead nasty cuts
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