Air locker L-Cruiser HJ78/79/100/200 rear 9,5/32SP OE locker model


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An ARB Air Locker ensures your 4WD just keeps going, no matter the incline, no matter the conditions. You won’t lose momentum – not even for a second.

• Provides the confidence to drive more difficult 4WD tracks
• Facilitates controlled descent
• Air compressor can be used for tyre inflation
• Manufactured in Australia to Australian conditions
• Race proven technology
• Fully supported for parts and service globally
• Improved traction results in reduced track degradation
• Less chance of panel and mechanical damage
• Great for competition use

Just one push of a button and you’re back on track! Extra drive instantaneously.

An ARB Air Locker solves the problem of "drive" being directed to a wheel that is off the ground or slipping. It replaces the factory differential centre, and when engaged, positively locks the front or rear differential providing equal drive to opposing wheels. By directing the drive to where it’s needed, you get vastly improved traction allowing challenging terrain to be approached with control and confidence. Note: Compatible with LINX

ARB designs and manufactures Air Lockers in-house, using state-of-the-art machinery with a large group of highly skilled and specialised engineers. Each individual piece is carefully constructed to exact precision and each locker is extensively tested to ensure you can trust an ARB Air Locker in the harshest off road environments.

Off road Racing

ARB Air Lockers continue to dominate the world’s toughest off road racing events. In recent years the ARB Air Locker has become the official locker of King of the Hammers and Ultra4 in the USA.

Because of these extreme off road racing events (some of the toughest courses in the world), ARB engineers have been driven to continue to develop and test the Air Locker to ensure it can stand up to these grueling conditions and to make the best locker in the world even better!

Why Front Lockers?

A rear locker will provide your 4WD with significantly improved off road capability and allow challenging terrain to be approached in a far more controlled manner. The addition of a front locker will take your 4WD to the next level, allowing you to get the absolute best out of your vehicle.

Traversing steep, rocky terrain can be punishing on vehicles and can actually be quite dangerous, particularly if the track surface is wet and slippery. Continual wheel slippage inevitably results in the driver needing to apply more acceleration to maintain forward momentum, which can make the vehicle’s stability unpredictable as the wheels scramble for traction. These scenarios also place a great deal of strain on the vehicle’s drivetrain and can frequently lead to failures of mechanical components such as CV joints and axles.

A locked rear differential will vastly improve the situation, delivering equal drive to both rear wheels. But in particularly challenging situations, a loss of traction in the front can still be experienced.

Picture a steep, rutted hill with large rock ledges and the vehicle’s front wheels scrambling to climb over. This scenario can lead to rollovers and drivetrain breakages as your 4WD struggles for traction. Furthermore, the front diffs and overall drivetrain architecture on some vehicles are weaker than the rear, which just exacerbates the situation.

Locked front and rear differentials in this terrain are the absolute pinnacle in terms of off road capability and safety. They minimise the strain on the vehicle and prevent degradation of the track surface.

Many 4WDs come with rear lockers as standard but their ability to lock quickly and stay engaged varies enormously. ARB Air Lockers activate in a split second and remain 100% locked until the driver deactivates them. It’s this rapid engagement and overall strength that makes them so well suited to the front of vehicles. This is due to the fact that when engaged, a front locker will adversely affect steering when trying to navigate a sharp turn. It’s why very few vehicle manufacturers offer a front locker. With an Air Locker, this isn’t a problem as the driver simply deactivates the locker when necessary.

There are a whole range of scenarios where front and rear lockers will mean the difference between driving through an obstacle or having to be winched or snatched over it. Rock, mud, sand and snow, uphill and downhill… Air Lockers will become your best off road friend.

Once you’ve experienced this improvement in your vehicle’s capability, you’ll never want to be without them.

Air Locker vs Electronic Locker

ARB’s Air Locker has many advantages over conventional electronic lockers.

Electronic lockers can only be engaged at speeds up to 8-10km/h. That means you have to slow or even stop to engage them – and even then, activation takes time. Imagine you’re halfway up a hill and need to lock the differential. With an electronic locker you have to stop, activate and wait, which compromises your ability to get going again because momentum has been lost.

But with an ARB Air Locker, a flick of the switch gives instant lock at any moment and its super strong design allows activation at any speed.

Many modern day vehicles come fitted with a rear electronic locker. But that’s only doing half the job. What about the front axle? An Air Locker fitted to the front axle provides the total package.

With an ARB Air Locker, you get:
• More drive
• Instantaneous action
• Engagement at any speed
• Greater control
• Extra strength

There really is no other option.

• All off road terrain
• Recreational and serious 4WDers
• Towing caravans and camper trailers
• Towing boats
• Farmers
• Military applications
• Off road racing


Forged Gears <br>& Two Piece Design Forged Gears <br>& Two Piece Design
All models include a 2-piece nodular steel housing for rigidity and exacting tolerances, housing four forged and hardened spider gears to handle extreme axle loads. ARB’s patented ‘timed gear’ design and high-temperature resistant seals ensure responsive activation under the most extreme climatic conditions on earth.


For total peace of mind, all ARB Air Lockers are backed by a comprehensive, five year, unlimited-kilometre warranty. Coupled with ARB’s extensive domestic and international network of stores and distributors, you can be sure we’ll be there to support you in the unlikely event of an issue.
  • Net Weight(Kg) 11.000
  • Width(cm) 21.000
  • Height(cm) 17.000
  • Length(cm) 21.000
  • Bar Code 9332018076656
  • Fitting Time (min) 360
  • Packaging length [cm] 26
  • Packaging width [cm] 26
  • Packaging height [cm] 27
  • Fitting Position Rear Axle
  • Axle Banjo RA
  • Axle Code Toyota 9.5"
  • Number of splines on input shaft 32
  • For shaft diameter [mm] 34.8
  • Gear Ratio all
  • Specification Ring Gear
  • Outer diameter [mm] 225
  • Bore Ø [mm] 140.95
  • Number of Holes 12
  • for bolt hole circle diameter of [mm] 162.5
  • Tightening Torque [Nm] 137
  • Backlash 0.15-0.25mm
  • Specification Bearing Cap
  • Tightening Torque [Nm] 113
  • Oil Viscosity Classification SAE API GL-5
  • Gross Weight [kg] 13.1
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